Here's some news that's as sad as it is confusing. Daniel von Bargen, a talented actor I've always enjoyed who is best known for his roles on Seinfeld, Malcolm in the Middle, and Super Troopers, has attempted to take his own life.

Now, the confusing part. Von Bargen suffers from diabetes and was supposed to undergo a procedure to remove a few of his toes. Instead he decided to shoot himself in the head. After doing so, he called 911 to report what he did and authorities rushed to the scene. As of right now, he is in an Ohio hospital receiving medical care but it's unknown whether or not he'll survive. There's also no info on the current status of his toes.

Screen Junkies sincerely hopes that von Bargen is able to pull through. Between Uncle Leo, Mr. Pitt, the Rye Bread Lady, and George Steinbrenner, we've already lost too many Seinfeld supporting players in recent years. (TMZ)