I wonder if George Clooney gets MSNBC in his dreams. With all the political movies he makes, from Syriana to Darfur Now to the upcoming Ides of March, you'd think he was... I don't know... running for some kind of political thing? Publicly, he says "no," but I bet Clooney has a secret room in his mansion that looks exactly like the Oval Office. Maybe he hires pretend staffers to run around and everything.

So, naturally, Clooney is adding more political crutons to his filmography salad. (What a strange analogy.) He will produce a film based on “The $700 Billion Man,” a Washington Post article by Laura Blumenfeld. "$700 Billion Man" is about the real life story of TARP manager Neel Kashkari, a man relatively inexperienced in politics who suddenly found himself in charge of the ginormous 2008 financial bailout. He was later "shellacked" by Congress and went off the Washington grid, moving to a remote cabin in Northern California with his family. The lesson? Never agree to be in charge of $700 billion dollars, unless you can spend it all on a kickass theme park that's just for you.

Though Clooney is set to produce, we don't know whether or not he'll direct. (The Playlist)