Star Wars' Admiral Ackbar might be getting a little old hat. He's been referenced so much now, on t-shirts,"Family Guy" and"Robot Chicken," that saying "it's a trap" doesn't give me the same geeky thrill that it used to. However, Geoffrey Rush will voice a character in Warner Bros. upcoming Green Lantern film who might become the new alien fish man for nerds.

Tomar-Re is a scientist who regularly teams up with Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern as part of the Green Lantern Corps. You can see him in the pic above, looking scientifically concerned. Hopefully he's working diligently in the lab to come up with a catch phrase, like "badda-blam" or "that's ab-ab-ab-absurd." Maybe he already has one, but I never read Green Lantern comics and my limited internet research has revealed nothing but hilarious cosplay photos.

Green Lantern is directed by Casino Royale's Martin Campbell. (Deadline)