Marvel Comics has announced an initiative to further involve the comic creative teams in the production of their feature films. Marvel's Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada, in response to flopped film adaptations, told Comic Book Resources, "We'd sit there going, 'Why didn't they hire comic book people?' Well, that's what Marvel is doing."

While there is no doubt this will be great news to comic enthusiasts, as they will see more faithful adaptations of their favorite stories, it may not be seen as a boon to the movie studios or mainstream audiences. Perhaps cramming 50 years of lineage into the first installment of a superhero movie might be construed as a smidge tedious? Most moviegoers haven't been clamoring for more faithful adaptations, but the ones that have are a pretty noisy bunch. But that doesn't mean they're right. The comics are still their own, but once a feature is made, a much wider market must be considered. And those people don't so much care if Aquaman peed in the pool as a wee lad, nor how that affects his relationship with nature.

While this initiative remains nebulous at this point, we can count on seeing more Marvel creative-types in the credits of their upcoming movies. Which is probably due. Beyond that, we can expect some infighting between filmmakers and Marvel as to what's best for the end product, so that might be entertaining.