In the first truly scary news to come out of the Twilight universe in quite some time, an adaptation of author Stephanie Meyer's most recent work, The Host, now has a director attached to it. Susanna White, the seemingly schizophrenic helmer behind both"Generation Kill" and Nanny McPhee Returns, has been scooped up to help Meyer's work reach mainstream audiences again.

The Host focuses on a (hopefully distant) time when humans bodies are infested by alien hosts. One of the few remaining intact humans, Melanie, is captured, but not so quick to relinquish her mind to her captors. While mining Melanie's brain for strategic information, the aliens come across images of her real-life soulmate, etc, etc. Love conquers all. The end.

The book is being adapted for the screen by Andrew Niccol, who had limited success with Gattaca, and hopefully more with the upcoming Now. The Host sounds like the right mix of sap and action to gross a gazillion dollars, so while the story might not be inspired, it sounds like Meyer's business acumen is. (Coming Soon)