Gary Ross To Direct Carey Mulligan In Sci-Fi ‘Outback’ Once They Clear Their Plates

Monday, June 27 by

10 photos‘Shame’ Actress Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan will be returning to Australia for the Gary Ross-helmed Outback. After completing The Great Gatsby. And Drive. And the sex-addiction drama Shame. So, not now, but someday. Meanwhile, Ross is busying himself the The Hunger Games, which is currently shooting.

Outback will be a science-fiction project set in the Australian outback, but beyond that, the logling is being kept under wraps. Tobey Maguire, her Gatsby co-star, will be taking on producer duties for the film.

Nissar Modi will be drafting the script, which stems from an original idea hatched by him and Ross. No other casting news has broken, but it’s a safe assumption that Mulligan will be playing a lead, given her rising stock and busy schedule. (Variety)


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