Very few actors have the villainous acumen of Gary Oldman. His expansive biography of ne'er-do-wells extends from mythology's greatest bad guy (Dracula) to common pimps and pedophiles. His talent is so far reaching it also includes douchy politicians and power-hungry killers with bad hair.

Alas, lately he's been springing up as Goody Two Shoes, like Batman's wingman Commissioner Gordon. He's even been using his predisposition as a bad guy with a sense of irony, as in his role in the Harry Potter series, Sirius Black. 

However, in his latest movie, The Book of Eli, he returns to his roots - playing the antagonist. So we'd like to congratulate Gary on his comeback to malevolence (we've missed you) with a highlight of the various evil-doers he's made so vivid on the silver screen, ranked in order of his characters' titles.