Will Beal is a remake machine. The Tales From The Gangster Squad writer has recently been given the keys to Hollywood with scripting duties on both the Logan's Run and Lethal Weapon remakes.

Logan's Run tells the story of a futuristic society where citizens are murdered off on their 30th birthdays and the one man who tries to escape the mandatory death sentence. There are no minivans in this society. Lethal Weapon, of course, tells the tale of mismatched partners who beat the crap out of each other and do cool things like kill bad guys with surfboards and pool covers.

As the former cop Beal's work hasn't hit theaters yet, it's hard to form an opinion one way or the other about how well he'll do with these iconic properties. But I'll just go ahead and say good job because I don't want any trouble with the police. Remakes are a good thing that should happen always forever. Also, that girl told me she was 25.

I would have never rented her that car otherwise. (THR)