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Amber Valetta stars as Angie in Gamer this Friday, but you may better recognize her as the machine gun-wielding killer in the very impractical outfit from Transporter 2.  Pink lingerie, stilettos, and gobs of black eyeliner to blow someone’s head off?  It doesn’t seem like the most accommodating attire, but then again, she might be using the sight of dewy side-boob to stun her victims before riddling them with hollow points. Apparently she plays the mom… Oopsies!

A word from Amber: “I’m from Oklahoma!”

And Rogers & Hammerstein give each other a posthumous fist bump, as their plan to turn the Sooner state’s name into an expletive gets one celebrity closer to reality.  Check out the Mother-Oklahomin’ photos of Amber after the jump.

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