Man, it's hard to talk about Game of Thrones without walking on eggshells, but here we go: Maisie Williams, who plays the adorable little ball of hate Arya Stark, recently said that she hopes The Hound makes a return to the show.

Now, I can only assume that if you've made it this far in the article, you're either current on this show or indifferent to spoilers, so I can speak freely. The last time we left The Hound, he was mortally wounded from his fight with Brienne, begging Arya to kill him. He even tried antagonizing her. Arya walked away, letting him suffer from his wounds. Like a badass.

It's natural to assume The Hound died, as he wasn't in great shape, but Game of Thrones rarely allows viewers to make those leaps without consequences.

So maybe Maisie will get her wish. This would all be moot if any of us were book-readers.