‘Game Of Thrones’ Hits All-Time High, Gets More Popular As It Gets More Confusing

Tuesday, May 7 by
The most likable character on television, except for maybe Charlie Kelly.  

Despite getting off to a rather slow start six episodes in, Game of Thrones has kept its momentum going, having garnered an all-time high audience during Sunday’s episode, which featured some wall-climbing and…a lot of people milling about and talking. Not exactly the most action-packed episode, but that’s a testament to how accessible this show is even when it’s not featuring guys getting limbs and heads cut off.

Lest you think the 5.5 million viewers (6.8 million if ya count the second airing, too)is an anomaly, viewership has set records each of the past four weeks, leading me to believe that American audiences actually get off on being confused. Sick bastards.

Maybe the writers will reward this sort of popularity with some action, or, failing that, breasts or dragons.

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