Well, three months after a Viking(ish) Thor came into our hearts, Marvel has started the public search for a director for its inevitable sequel, and the first name up manages to be both inspired and somewhat obvious. Variety reports that Game of Thrones director Brian Kirk has been in talks with Marvel to get behind the camera for the sequel.

While it's not an easy transition from most TV (considered a writer's medium) to film (considered a director's medium), HBO series in general, and Game of Thrones in particular have managed to buck that philosophy, with the latter creating a lush world that at the very least can be called cinematic.

It's anticipated that the sequel will take a more epic approach, creating a world of Norse warriors undoubtedly similar to many of the characters in the HBO series. While nothing has been finalized, the thoughtful pace of Game of Thrones could be a welcome addition to the world of Marvel, which is often subjected to criticism that it's a little too digestible at times.

If they're going to go this route, I suppose it's too much to ask for an R rating?