‘G.I. Joe 3′ To Chronicle The Other Half Of The Battle

Monday, April 1 by

Much like the ragtag heroes at its center, G.I. Joe: Retaliation defied the odds and kicked the evil shapeshifter out of the box office White House. Surprisingly, anticipation for the sequel has been at a fever pitch after the awesome-but-dopey original and a postponed release. Then again, this film features ninjas fighting on a mountain face and who doesn’t want to see that sh*t?

Thanks to this weekend’s successful take, Paramount has granted the greenlight to a third G.I. Joe film. As of now, John M. Chu is not attached to direct nor are any of the sequel’s cast signed to return. However, offers will likely go out soon. What really remains to be discussed is which exciting locale will ninjas next clash? Maybe on the side of a large hovercraft that can float on lava?? I’d go see that. (Variety)

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