Disney's G-Force has pulled off an interesting trick that made me want to see it: they cast Zach Galifianakis in it.  While that prospect is interesting, the trick they pulled that will make me definitely see it is casting Kelli Garner.  The gorgeous blonde is taking a step away from her usual film-type of indie dramas such as Lars and the Real Girl to entertain children with the help of guinea pigs.  That, or she's helping to entertain the adults who are forced to take their children to a movie about guinea pigs.

A word from Kelli: "OK, sure, I have a body. I've had one since I was 16. But the attention it brings me, in life as well as in the industry, makes me really uncomfortable."

...That makes this next part kind of awkward.  Check out more pictures of Kelli's hot body after the jump!