Christmas is coming early this year. Or late, depending on whether you consider the announcement of the premieres of Justified and Archer the big "get" here, or the premieres themselves. Also, that opener was predicated on the assumption that all our readers celebrate Christmas, which was insensitive of me.

Sorry. I made that really confusing. Let's simplify.

FX has announced that the third season of Justified will premiere Tuesday, January 17th, while the third season of Archer will premiere Thursday, January 19th. The Archer premiere will be followed by the debut of Unsupervised, a comedy from the producers of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I bet that last paragraph reads like pornography to fans of FX original programming.

Sadly, no details were given about the premieres themselves, but considering they're only about six weeks away, expect teasers, trailers, interviews, and a whole mess of other marketing stuff to fill us in shortly.