FX knows what people like. And what people like are Daniel Day-Lewis films with a LOT of violence. No, I'm not talking about the Gangs of New York: The Animated Series! series that Martin Scorsese has been flirting with, but rather an adaptation of Michael Mann's 1992 film Last of the Mohicans, which stars Day-Lewis as a bad ass, back when Native Americans and colonists were duking it out for who gets what.

While the entire story may not have the happiest ending, that doesn't mean FX is turned off. Rather, they plan on expanding the story Mann told by hiring the film's co-writer Chris Crowe to pen the pilot script.

FX is labeling this a "limited series," which I guess means that it won't run in perpetuity until the end of days, and more specifically, will probably be more like HBO's Rome in terms of duration, that is to say, developed with the end firmly in mind.