Hi, My Name Is- My Name Is- My Name Is- *Chicka Chicka* -- Punch!

[post-video postid="211275"] Director Antoine Fuqua, who directed Training Day and... that's the credit worth mentioning, is reportedly leaving the Tupac biopic project to helm a boxing movie for Dreamworks. A deal is currently being discussed between the director and the studio. Southpaw, written by Kurt Sutter "Sons of Anarchy"), will star rapper Eminem as a boxer whose life sucks, even after winning a title. I guess the title doesn't take away all those broken bones and ear bite marks that are par for the course.

Eminem is looking to return to feature films after the 2002 hit 8 Mile. However, a lot's happened to the guy since then, and I'm sure he's out of shape. The rapper will no doubt need to go through a training montage to get his movie acting-strength back to when he was a box office champ. If this all sounds like a boxing movie, then my attempt at making a parallel has been a complete success. *Confetti* (LA Times)