If you've been watching Parks and Recreation, you're seeing a lot on funny people say funny stuff to each other for a solid half hour. A lot of attention's been paid to Aziz Ansari and the show's star Amy Poehler, but Chris Pratt's been working hard at being the show's resident loser. Well, one of the show's many losers, but Andy Dwyer is certainly towards the top of the funniest loser list on that show.

It's no surprise to me that Pratt's been cast in producer Judd Apatow's latest film, Five-Year Engagement. Directed by Nick Stoller, Five-Year is about the roller-coaster relationship between characters played by Jason Segel and Emily Blunt. Sounds very Apatowish to me. It's reassuring to know that there's another schlubby, bearded comedian who can pinch hit for Seth Rogen. Allison Brie ("Community") was also recently cast, so we now know what Apatow watches on Thursday nights. All the sitcoms on CBS, America's Most Watched Network.

Meanwhile, Rhys Ifans (Greenberg) is in talks to play a role. Hopefully it'll be the same role he's playing in The Amazing Spider-Man: The Lizard. It'd be nice if Apatow changed things up a bit, and if The Lizard was in just one of his movies. Just one. I'm sure The Lizard would like to get high and discuss his feelings with other dudes too. (The Playlist)