In an interview with MTV, Judd Apatow spills the beans that his upcoming film Funny People will include scenes and "marketing materials" for a bunch of fake movies in which Adam Sandler's character George Simmons stars. 

It's a conceit that worked really well in Tropic Thunder, with the inspired trailers for such high concept spoofs as Scorcher, The Fatties: Fart 2 and Satan's Alley (all three of which you can see after the jump, along with a short list of faux-films within the world of Funny People.

Films within Funny People, all starring George Simmons (Sandler):

Mistake: a romantic comedy co-starring Elizabeth Banks

My Best Friend is a Robot: a buddy comedy co-starring Owen Wilson, which you can look for as a poster in Sandler's character's house. 

Redux: Judd Apatow calls this as a cross between Little Man and 17 Again, as Sandler becomes a six-month-old baby in it.

Mer-man: A male version of Splash with Sandler's character filling Darryl Hannah's fins

Cinematical had a great theory that some of these fake films would become part of Funny People's marketing campaig knowing Apatow, and if those

billboards from I Love You, Man are any indication, we're in for a treat.

[via Cinematical]

Oh, and here are those Tropic Thunder faux-trailers we promised:


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Scorcher IV Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers

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