It seems like every Judd Apatow movie features a quick sex-oriented scene with Carla Gallo (see 40 Year Old Virgin, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Superbad, etc).  The only problem with this is that she's only in one scene; she should be in more.  She sticks around for only one scene in his newest flick Funny People, but we're such suckers for her we'll take what we can get.  Hopefully, Apatow will learn that she should be more featured.  Until then, she has a pretty good supporting role (meaning she's in more than one scene) as an up and coming porn actress in Californication.

A word from Carla: "I love Urban Outfitters skinny jeans. And they're the right price!"

She should do commercials for Urban Outfitters; her ability to exist in only one scene is perfect for commercial format (damn you Apatow!).  Check out more hot photos of Carla after the jump!