Funny Or Die Gets Deal To Bring You A Ton Of Movies

Wednesday, January 9 by
I vote "funny."  

Funny or Die has become a pretty powerful brand in the realm of comedy, having made inroads into the Apatow actor network, online comedy, and even bizarre indie filmmaking with Tim and Eric’s Billion-Dollar Movie last year.

The brand has teamed up with Scott studios to crank out features on the reg, with their offerings bifurcated between microbudget films and comedies costing over $25 million. So if your film is projected to cost $18 million, take that shit to Weinstein, ’cause Funny or Die don’t want it.

While branded film comedy is well-worn territory thanks to National Lampoon, audiences can only hope that Funny or Die sets its sights a little higher, though if the brand is able to crank out early fare like the Vacation series, I don’t think anyone will mind.

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