Fund His Next Documentary And Win David Lynch’s Self-Portrait

Tuesday, July 13 by


I can kind of see it around the eyes.

You may listen to the Lost Highway soundtrack on repeat or enjoy Mulholland Drive for reasons beyond Naomi Watts’s chest, but you’re not a true fan of David Lynch until you have his face printed on your stylish tote bag. And Lynch is giving you the opportunity to do just that. Anyone who donates $50 to the production of his upcoming documentary Lynch Three, can win a limited-edition print of the director’s self-portrait on a poster, tote bag, or T-shirt.

Onto the self-portrait itself. I’m a little disappointed by it. I know that art is subjective and Lynch has proven himself time and time again in the creative world, but it looks like it belongs on Regretsy. Why isn’t this sculpted out of steak, or printed on dead skin? At least tell me the pen he used to draw it was involved in a stabbing. Give me something here. (via Cinema Blend)


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