Full Version of Rain of Madness Free on iTunes, Maggot

Wednesday, August 27 by

Just in case you didn’t get enough fake, jungle action when you saw Tropic Thunder in the theater, you can go check out the full, half-hour long Rain of Madness documentary for free from the iTunes store. I just watched it and there aren’t a lot of big laughs in it, but it was better than doing a half hour of real work.


I did laugh at the end, when they parody the scene in Grizzly Man where Werner Herzog sits there like a dunce listening to Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend get turned into idiot sashimi by a couple of huge bears. You know that he was getting off on it just a little bit.

With that said, you might as well download it because it’s free. And they went through all the trouble of making it, so the least you could do is watch it.

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