From The Heavens Comes To Us…A LEGO Documentary

Tuesday, September 17 by

The LEGO Group (the Danish company behind the toys) and Oscar-winning and nominated, respectively, documentarians Daniel Junge and Kief Davidson are teaming up to bring the masses a Brickumentary, which is a cute way of saying a documentary about LEGOs.

Normally, the fact that the subject company itself is commissioning and producing the documentary would be a little suspect and shady, but we’re talking about LEGOs here, not Madrigal Electromotive, so everyone can relax.

The documentary, which is not yet in production, will cover both child and adult fans, the history of the toy, and artists that work within the medium. Overall, it sounds pretty badass. Whoever doesn’t like LEGOs can go to hell.

There’s also a CGI film coming out bearing the LEGO name (The LEGO Movie), and that can go to hell, too! Oh. Wait. That one has Chris Pratt and Morgan Freeman in it.

Looks like we’ll be buying tickets to two LEGO films in the coming years.  

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