Because there's nothing even remotely off-putting about the idea, Universal Studios has announced plans for a new ride called "Fast and Furious – Supercharged: The Ride."

Whoa. An em dash AND a colon. These guys aren't f*cking around.

The experience will be a "movie-thrill ride hybrid in which occupants of Universal’s famed back-lot trams will be encircled by 400-foot-long movie screens."

The back lot trams that move about five miles an hour? Not to worry. The ride will be set up so that the participants feel as though they're traveling over 100 mph. Again, with no chance of dire repercussions. Before you book your ticket to LA, bear in mind that this ride is just in development, and given the time-to-market of the rides for Back to the Future, Bill and Ted, and Waterworld, we can expect this thing sometime in 2071, when cars will be a distant memory.