Could anything make True Grit more awesome? Between the bloody gun fights, a badass Jeff Bridges, and an even more badass little girl, my first instinct was "no." However, to promote the Oscar nominated film in Europe, Paramount released a free 24-page True Grit comic book online. I'm happier than Rooster Cogburn after winning a lifetime supply of bootleg whiskey by killing the guy who was running the raffle.

You know the scene where Cogburn is testifying in court? The comic book, which is adapted more from the book by Charles Portis, is the illustrated version of that crazy story. Cartoonist Christian Wildgoose (with a name like that, he should be drawing western comics every day for the rest of his life) really captures the rough edged quality of the film with his art, and he even included all the BLAMs and CHOOMs that the Coen Brothers use. There's a sample below, and the full book is available now on Comixology. You don't even have to trek into the dangerous Indian Nations to find a comic book store. We live in a marvelous age. (/Film)