After losing its star in Sacha Baron Cohen in December at the behest of the band, the Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic project has now lost its director, also due to the band's insistence for control.

Director Dexter Fletcher, who had made a name for himself as an actor in Guy Ritchie's earlier films, has given his notice and left the project after creative differences with the band regarding the particulars of the film. This leaves the film with a new star (Skyfall's Ben Whishaw) but no director. And as we all know, movies don't direct themselves. Well, some dumb action movies and comedies do, but this is not those.

Assuming they want to get this film wrapped before Whishaw gets summoned back to the next Bond film, they need to get moving on finding a director. But then again, the world has waited patiently this long for a Freddie Mercury film, so a few more years probably won't kill us.