Holy pre teen acne.  I had no idea that Fred Durst was directing a family movie. It’s rated PG and has ICE CUBE IN IT.  It’s rated PG. It’s called The Longshots.  It’s rated PG. Fred Durst was in Limp Bizkit. I hated Limp Bizkit.

There's a huge difference in doing a taco bell commercial and directing an entire family movie. Talk about off the artistic roll call. Here's the poster for the movie:

Inspired by a true story? Really? Here is a list of some inspiring titles to Limp Bizkit Songs:

Eat You Alive
Break Stuff
No Sex
Show Me What You Got
Stink Finger
Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle)
Underneath the Gun
Head for the Barricade
Nobody Loves Me

Who knows, maybe this is what Dust has ALWAYS wanted to do. Getting the gig to direct a feature film doesn't just fall in your lap. Man, I'm starting another petition. Fred Durst has to give all his Blow Jobs back. File this one under bizarre. Comingsoon has an interview.