Freaky Dude And Pretty Girl In Talks For Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’

Wednesday, February 2 by

Here’s some casting that make perfect sense. Tim Burton has his sights on virginal Bella Heathcoate and professional creepazoid Jackie Earle Haley for his stab at Dark Shadows.

Heathcoate, who was previously up for Snow White and the Huntsman, is Burton’s top choice for Victoria Winters, the young governess of the Collins Estate. Haley is in talks to play Willie Loomis, a grave-robbing conman who becomes Johnny Depp‘s bitch after discovering the vampire in his crypt. But honestly, who can blame him? Those eyes!

This combination of beauty and beast is textbook Burton. We’ve seen this juxtaposition in Edward Scissorhands, Beetle Juice, and all those years that Burton dated Lisa Marie. (Deadline)

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