Brendan Fraser, Matt Dillon, Craig Robinson, and William H. Macy are all about to board an Elmore Leonard adaptation that has been in and out of development for a long, long time. Freaky Deaky follows some 60's radicals as they sell themselves out and attempt to turn their revolutionary tactics into some stone-cold cash in the 70's.

Elmore Leonard works always have the eye of filmmakers, and no less than Quentin Tarantino wanted to get his hands on this particular one, though he couldn't quite work out the timeline in the book. Originally, the book took place in the late-80's after they had been in the game for a while. Naturally, this meant that the work leant itself to an older ensemble cast, which audiences have viewed as gimmicky with works such as Space Cowboys and Red.

Well, a tweak here and a date change their gives us a younger, funny cast that gets to work with Leonard's killer source material. Couple that with the fact that stodgy movie critics will be forced to utter "freaky deaky," and everything seems to be coming up roses from this project.