Now that he's no longer showrunner of one of the most talked-about TV shows of all time, Mr. Frank Darabont has found a little bit of time on his hands. So he's going where he's needed, and right now, that appears to be to the script of the upcoming Godzilla remake/sequel/reboot/whatever.

While Darabont's presence may excite fans of his work, the fact that this thing was supposed to start shooting in March (and still is) means, a) They are making a good project even better with Darabont's help, or b) they're completely screwed and through a half-finished script at Darabont while screaming "HELP!"

We hate to be cynical, but we also hate being wrong, and with the last iteration of Godzilla still stinking up the joint, we're inclined to believe it's the latter and not the former.