Hollywood Swiss Army Knife James Franco might be about to reveal his latest hidden gadget: Nepotism! The star of 2010's 127 Hours and Howl has a younger brother Dave who is also an actor (and a Franco). This wouldn't be the first time the brothers have appeared on screen together - they've done a series of comedy videos on the internet. The smaller Franco recently told MTV:
"There's also a feature film that I'm writing for my brother and I to star in, where we play versions of ourselves named Davie and James. Without giving away too much, it all takes place around Thanksgiving and Christma break around our hometown of Palo Alto [California]. Our real family will be in it, my real friends from home will be in it, and the vibe of it is going to be an extended version of our Funny or Die videos."

As anyone who's paying attention knows, James Franco is a really funny guy, so this definitely has the potential to be more fun than a barrel of Francos. Or maybe just as fun as that. (via FirstShowing.net)