In news that's really surprising because it's wrong, Francis Ford Coppola was met by TMZ outside a Hollywood nightclub and, when asked about 'The Godfather Part II, responded by saying, "There should only been one."

Really, Frank? I know I hate sequels more than most, but that one was pretty damn good.

The film won the Academy Award for Best Picture, which might be enough to validate its production for most auteurs. It' unknown what his problem was with the second installment, which followed Michael Corleone's tumultuous reign at the top and featured flashbacks to Vito's days of cutting his teeth as a gangster.

I'm trying to think of a sarcastic or funny take on the film that could have caused Coppola to dislike the movie, but I'm drawing blanks. It's awesome.

Also, we've spent enough time ignoring the elephant in the room - Francis Ford Coppola hangs out at nightclubs in Hollywood?