‘Fraggle Rock’ Script Needs More Sex and Violence

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Have you ever watched an episode of "Fraggle Rock" and thought, "Hey, this shit needs to be more f**king edgy and gritty, like I am, beotch!" If so, you’re in luck.

Director/Screenwriter Corey Edwards has taken to the interwebs to complain that the Weinsteins are squeezing him out of the ‘Fraggle’ script because his version is “not edgy enough.”

I enjoy working with other writers and have no doubt that the RIGHT person could help make any script better. But to not even ask me? Adding insult to injury, the search is basically an open assignment. This means the net has been cast wide, virtually posting in the “classifieds” of the movie business. The Fraggles do not deserve such treatment.

Now, I like "Fraggle Rock" as much as the next unoriginal retro-addicted douche bag, but I’m not exactly sure what type of treatment Fraggles "deserve." It’s not like we’re talking about the regular Muppets, here. If the Weinsteins want to remake Bad Lieutenant with the "Fraggle Rock" gang, I say let ‘em. They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls. (SlashFilm)



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    Actually NO, I haven’t thought, “Hey, this shit needs to be more f**king edgy and gritty, like I am, beotch!” and I AM a guy. The series has endured, simply IN SPITE of attempts at being “edgy” by other franchises and BECAUSE of its universal mesages (world peace, acceptance of others, and the interconnected nature of lives), loveable characters (leaderly traveller Gobo, flower-child denmother Mokey, indecisively uncertain Wembley, pessimistic worrywort Boober, and adventurous tomboy Red), catchy song lyrics (“Dance your cares away…Down at Fraggle Rock!”), and status as a internationally acclaimed program (it was the first “kid’s show” to do so, for it even predated the foreign versions of [i]Sesame Street[/i]–a “sister” Muppet family product–by a few years).

    [b]Now, I like ‘Fraggle Rock’ as much as the next unoriginal retro-addicted douche bag, but I’m not exactly sure what type of treatment Fraggles ‘deserve’.[/b]

    You keep your moronically ignorant comments to yourself. Many fans from the 80’s who grew up with the iconic series do NOT want it becoming yet another revived brand trashed by Hollywood attempts to make it “hip”, because in lament’s terms, Hollywood talk for being “edgy” equates to intense sex scenes, graphic violence, constant fart jokes, vulgar profanity, and offensive insults (see: [adult swim], MadTV, SNL, Comedy Central, et al), and the Henson niche of products do NOT deserve that, since Henson himself hath said that he had hoped to have left the world a better place for having been here and tarnishing his life’s work does NOT accomplish his goal. In fact, it mars it and makes Henson’s memory and legacy look bad.

    [b]It’s not like we’re talking about the regular Muppets, here.[/b]

    They’re FAMILY, you stupid fool. Haven’t you seen [u]Muppet FAMILY Christmas[/u]? In it, the Street gang, the classic Muppets ([i]The Muppet Show[/i]/[i]Muppet Babies[/i]), and the Fraggles all came together for a FAMILY gathering, with Jim himself–their creator–even making a small cameo. You spit on one part of the Henson cloth and its affects all the others. In fact, part of why it took so long for the Fraggles to come back was because of the regular Muppets losing their spark once Jim died and because [i]Sesame Street[/i] in recent years would have oversaturated Elmo to the point that the show could largely consist of just him and no one would be ever the wiser. But now that they’re back, the regular Muppets are also trying to get back into their groove and the Street is now trying to rid itself of just focusing solely on one character.

    [b]If the Weinsteins was to remake Bad Lieutenant with the “Fraggle Rock” gang, I say let ‘em.[/b]

    YOU have no soul or heart. You’re no worse than Hollywood, prancing out classics like whores and basically stripping them all of what made them beloved in the first place.

    [b]They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls.[/b]

    Ever hear of ANIMAL CRUELTY, you incensitive asshole? Animals deserve the same respects our fellow human beings do. I mean, seriously, humanity is just going further to hell in a handbasket. I mean, if we can harm animals and even maim our own kind, nothing makes us any different than your average blood-sucking parasite. The fact that we can reason and go beyond our primal capacity is why we’re at the top of the food chain and why we ought to strive to make our planet better and its inhabitants more understanding/compassionate, not make things all the worse and push us all further to extinction.

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    I want to subscribe to your newsletter

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    Lolz I like how this one tool drones on and on and on but this other guy keeps it short haha fuckin funny shit mang

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