The twin powers of niche marketing and truth in marketing collided on Fox Searchlight's twitter feed. The explosion was awesome, but you'd probably appreciate it more if you were high.

Terrence Malick's arty film The Tree of Life stars Brad Pitt, The Big Bang, Rippling Water, Sean Penn and a large cast of Trees. Since the film is slow-paced, full of nature images and not exactly plot-driven, distributor Fox Searchlight is trying to spark (light up?) the interest of a certain audience via the following tweet:
@foxsearchlight - LA: are you aware Arclight Hollywood showtimes for TREE OF LIFE include a 4:20 screening daily?

[post-video postid="211851"] The Cannes winner is now looking for a stoner audience, which I guess makes ridiculous sense. I wonder if the DVD release will include an "Unrated Edition" with a gratuitous hot girl on the cover and a photoshopped picture of Pitt holding a bong, wearing a Rastafarian hat, popping out from the corner. Well, first we have to have the sure-to-be-unusual-smelling screenings in theaters, which begin May 27, 2011. (Movieline)