It appears that Fox Searchlight has discovered a new way to churn out remakes - start remaking documentaries. The studio has purchased the remake rights to the Sundance documentary The Bengali Detective, which is described as follows:
In response to police corruption, the private detective business has become increasingly common in India. The Bengali Detective follows the life of detective Rajesh Ji, who, along with his ragtag team of assistants, investigates cases ranging from counterfeit hair products to a brutal triple murder. When Rajesh is not sleuthing, he has big dreams of competing on a televised national talent show, so he and his detective gang form a dance troupe—which must be seen to be believed—and rehearse for their big audition.

So it's a musical documentary about a dance troupe in India who solve mysteries. That sounds really cool! I'd love to watch-- oh, a remake. Well, that sounds OK too, I guess. No details yet on whether the remake is going to be another documentary (unlikely), or a fictional treatment of the same material. (SlashFilm)