According to IESB this morning, 20th Century Fox is officially preparing to reboot their Fantastic Four franchise.

Fox's original Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer performed below expectations for the studio, so they're cleaning house.  The movies did well financially (a bit over $600 million worldwide combined), but the fans and critics were harsh.  So Fox said it was clobberin' time and cleaned house.

None of the actors will be back, nor will director Tim Story, whose visions of the FF always seemed a bit detached from what made the team so cool in the first place.  I think there's room for campy fun, but I'd like to see someone with a really meticulous eye and wit take on one of Marvel's oldest teams.  Edgar Wright, anyone?  Hmmm... He's on Ant Man

What about Brick and Th Brothers Bloom's Rian Johnson?  Your picks, fellow Junkies?