Fox ISN’T Planning ‘X-Men’ Vs. ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie. RIGGGGGGHHHHHHT.

Friday, January 3 by
It will eventually happen, and it will be as silly and nonsensical as this image.  

Because the only thing better than a well-written, original film is taking existing franchises, and slamming them together like a child with too many toys and a Pixie Stick addiction, Fox is doing just that. The studio has reported that the project ISN’T happening, put trying to unring this bell is like trying to take piss out of a swimming pool.

The modern-day Medici’s that head the studio will jump all over an idea for X-Men people, of whom there are about 600, will clash or team up with the Fantastic Four, of whom there are between three and five, roughly.

It doesn’t matter what this film will be about, because it’s just going to be an Avengers knock-off between two lesser properties that have been mediocre for a decade or so.

And it will make a billion dollars, proving that movie execs are geniuses only because they continue to bet big on the refusal of audiences to embrace a new idea.

So I’ll go ahead and break the news on a sequel and spin-offs right here as well.

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