Remember The Craft? Probably not, but it served as a goth-y, teenager friendly exploration of the marriage of high school and witchcraft, like a gender-swapped Lost Boys, but without any of the interesting parts.

With vampires being WAY over, FOX has decided that witches should do just fine, having picked up Half Bad, a young adult book franchise from Sally Green that will of course become a young adult movie series that will in turn of course make over a billion dollars.

Sticking with what she knows, Karen Rosenfelt is producing, having done her time with Twilight and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, which sounds like a joke title, but is actually an honest-to-God upcoming movie.

Unless these witches get burned at the stake or drowned by angry, ignorant townspeople, I don't think there's much here for Screen Junkies' audience. But it's always nice to stay plugged in with the young folks, no?