Taking a cue from Marvel and Universal's Hulk redo in 2008, after the disappointing 2003 Ang Lee version, Fox is trying again with Daredevil. Ben Affleck's less-than-beloved 2003 take on the blind lawyer superhero will not be the last. I'm sure the studio is feeling the super-power of franchise re-tinkering, after the successful open of X-Men: First Class, and they don't want those movie rights leaping back to Marvelville.

[post-album postid="213754" item="2"]"Fringe" writer Brad Caleb Kane has been tapped to write the new Daredevil movie, based on the sacred-to-nerds "Born Again" run by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. It's a quasi-Job story where Kingpin makes life really, really hard for Daredevil once he learns that his secret identity is lawyer Matt Murdock (thanks to a heroin-addicted porn actress, no less).

David Slade is attached to direct, with Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark producing. (Hollywood Reporter)