For those of you who can't afford to pay first-class prices for your X-Men, help is on the way. Fox has given the go ahead for a sequel to last summer's mutant-filled prequel. And if my college education is worth a good god damn, it stands to reason that the only title that will make sense is X-Men: Second Class. Am I right?

In keeping with the second class theme, Simon Kinberg, the writer behind crap-tacular films such as X-Men: Last Stand and xXx: State of the Union has been tapped to write the script. That's a lot of X's.

But in all fairness, I probably should blame Kinberg for the way Last Stand turned out considering Brett Ratner was directing. Kinberg also penned the screenplay for Sherlock Holmes, which wasn't a bad flick. So unlike myself as well as my immediate family, maybe there's some hope left for this sequel. (Vulture)