Fox 2000 Stakes Claim To Shiny Nugget Of ‘The Floor of Heaven’

Monday, March 21 by

It appears that the Next Big Thing in movies today is the Gold Rush of the late 19th century, if two movies are enough to make a Big Thing. There’s Gold in the Snow, with Robert Redford, and now there’s The Floor of Heaven, a nonfiction account by Howard Blum of a chapter in gold rush history about Charlie Siringo, a cowboy-turned-detective who investigates the theft of some pretty expensive gold bars.

No word yet on who will direct or star, considering there isn’t even a screenplay yet. So it looks like we won’t be having an Armageddon/Deep Impact situation on our hands.

This sounds really cool to me, especially since I love gold rush movies (you should check out The Treasure of the Sierra Madre ASAP if you haven’t seen it). (via Deadline)

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