Forest Whitaker has consistently done his part to fight the tides of unoriginal movie concepts floating around Hollywood. Granted, not all of them (or any of them) have gotten the traction of a Transformers 3, but Whitaker seems poised for some box office success with his latest acting pursuit Vipaka, co-starring the red-hot Anthony Mackie.

Vipaka will journey into the realm of voodoo as Mackie and Whitaker face off against each other in test of their beliefs in what they think is real. Whitaker appears to be running the show here from a production standpoint, as his studio, Significant Prods. is involved, and he will be carrying a producer credit going forward.

The project will be helmed by Phillipe Caland, who previously worked with Whitaker on The Ripple Effect.

While the plot here is murky at best, it's exciting to hear about two great, irreverent actors coming together for something that is (hopefully) a really, really strange and dark film. Bring on the witch doctors.