Hey there, weaklings - There's a new power in town. One with the fury and rage of a thousand monsoons, and she will exude this power in David O. Russell movies and through the medium of comic book adaptations. She is Jennifer Lawrence, and she is not to be trifled with.

Forbes, a magazine that used to be the an industry standard for finance news, but now just tells us how much Adam Sandler sucks, is back at it again, listing J-Law as the most powerful women actress. IN THE UNIVERSE.

Their pseudo-scientific method includes her ability to juggle big box office fare like Hunger Games and X-Men with more cerebral stuff like Winter's Bone and seemingly every David O. Russell movie.

It didn't sound like that might of a victory. The runner-up? Sandra Bullock.

I wish we had a time machine so we could pit her against a 1960's Lucille Ball or late 70's Bette Midler. That would be a battle royale of powerful women right there!