For Inaguration I’m Getting Some ‘Hores’ Link Time

Monday, January 19 by

This is basically the last night that you will sleep while George W. Bush is your president. For some of you this may be the sad parting of a hawkish visionary who’s tough guy politics heralded in a new era of American dominance. Others may be puking joy as Commander Dickface heads back to Crawford or Dallas or wherever to hopefully wither into obscurity and never talk in a public forum again.  Whatever side you may be on, we will all most likely wake up tomorrow and things will basically be the same. Celebrate this new epoch of sameness with Screenjunkies and some of our link friends.

Everyone Likes Sexy Commercials (UNCOACHED)

Someone is Stealing the Jona Brothers Underwear (Webster Is My Bitch)

Planet 51 Looks Like Space Shrek For Jerkwads (Unreality Mag)


The 5 Worst-Selling Inauguration T-Shirts (Holy Taco)


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