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‘Footloose’ Remake: At Least It Isn’t a Full Blown Musical

Monday, November 15 by

Good news and bad news about the Footloose remake. The good news is it’s no longer a Zac Efron vehicle, and it’s no longer based on the Broadway musical. The bad news: it’s still a remake. Dancing with the Stars’ Julianne Hough plays Ariel Moore in director Craig Brewer’s version and she spoke about the remake while promoting her first film, Burlesque, this weekend.

“It’s so true to the original and so fitting for our time the way the script is done right now,” Hough said. “I don’t really dance that much in it. I mean, I do but I had to kind of, not dumb down my dancing but tone it down a little bit. ‘Tone down the hairography’ is what Craig Brewer and I called it.”

Ariel is the daughter of the preacher who bans dancing from his small town in Footloose. The Kevin Bacon original was daring in 1984, so that gives the remake license for 2011. “It’s really a drama with dancing in it rather than a dance movie,” Hough said. “When you look back at the original, it was really edgy. It would probably be rated R in our time now. We’re definitely pushing the envelope a little bit too. The fact that she gets hit in the movie and there’s black eyes. There’s weed in the original movie. It’s like well, they had it so we can do it. So that’s one thing that’s good about redoing the original.”

They still probably shouldn’t remake Footloose, but at least if they do, they can get it right. “Less based on the stage musical, it’s more like the original movie. I’m so happy because I’ve been attached to it for so long, probably about a year and a half now.  It was going to be a big musical and I was going to sing in it and dance in it. Then they changed directors and cast and everything. It’s so wonderful that everything happened the way that it did to get to where it’s at.”

Footloose is due out in 2011.

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