Focus Features Buys Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonlight Kingdom’ With Indie Dollars

Monday, May 2 by

In case you’re wondering, indie dollars are like regular dollars, but they can only be used to buy stuff that’s indie or whatever. Like vinyl LPs, mustache wax and the worldwide rights to a Wes Anderson movie.

Focus Features has acquired the rights to put Anderson’s latest film, Moonlight Kingdom, into US and foreign theaters. Anderson co-wrote the screenplay with Roman Coppola and will direct. Moonlight Kingdom stars Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand and Anderson’s super turbo BFF Bill Murray. The film’s about a young, small town couple who everyone thinks has disappeared, but really they just ran away together.

I hear rumors that the film will feature a preciously cool soundtrack and purposefully off-center framing, though I seriously doubt either rumor is true. (Hollywood Reporter)

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