Hollywood knows that you, the movie-going public, hate seeing original new ideas on screen. That's why they're force-feeding us a steady diet of sequels, prequels, squeakquels, reboots and re-imaginings. (Mmm-mmm, tastes leftovery.) After all, nobody went to see that original movie Inception last summer. Oh, it was a big hit? Well, it would have done better if it was somehow repackaged as a Nightmare On Elm Street origin story. "They're both about dreams, right? What's the problem?"

That's why everyone's super excited about Warner Bros. re-making the 1985 Chevy Chase movie Fletch. I guess people like NBC's Community so much, they want to see one of Chase's best movies remade, but not starring him? To be fair, Warner Bros bought the rights to the Fletch book series by Gregory McDonald, so if they begin their would-be franchise by adapting a different story, it wouldn't even feel like a re-imagining. However, the executives might just decide to remake exactly the same book, because that's the story audiences have a pre-awareness of. In that case, I'll be seeing more original fare, like the Punky Brewster action comedy starring Demi Lovato, thank you very much. (Deadline)