Are you ready to get Fletched? Perhaps? Personally, I liked the original movie, but it's not my favorite Chevy Chase film. Remake Caddyshack, Hollywood, and I'll roll up my sleeves and hit you with the diving elbow drop. *Snaps Into Slim Jim* Oh wait, that kind of did happen recently. Damn it.

So, yes, the reboot machine has located a writer for Warner BrosFletch re-imagining, but it seems like they at least found a good one. David Mandel, a writer for "Seinfeld" and the upcoming Sacha Baron Cohen vehicle The Dictator, has been chosen to pen the screenplay. The word is that this is a high-priority project for the studio, and they're looking for an A-list comedian to star. Maybe he's not A-list enough, but I could see Jason Sudeikis doing some charm/smarm as Irwin Fletcher. In fact, I'm watching him in the Fletch reboot in my mind right now, and it's pretty funny.

Pretty... funny... (Hollywood Reporter)