The 1990 bratpack showcase Flatliners has been grabbed by Columbia Pictures and will be squeezed and loved by the studio, much as Lenny squeezed and loved the rabbit in Of Mice and Men. The original starred Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, William Baldwin and Oliver Platt, so it's pretty obvious that the new one will star Tom Hardy, Jennifer Lawrence, Alex Pettyfer, Penn Badgely, and...Oliver Platt.

The film focuses on a reckless medical student who conducts an experiment on his friends, "killing" them, then bringing them back to life shortly thereafter. However, after a while, they realize that they're bringing back company from the other side.

The studio is getting Source Code writer Ben Ripley to write the screenplay. While no director or cast has been announced, a producer of the original, Laurence Mark, is back for round two on the remake.

It's an innocuous enough film that's got a premise that's more interesting than much of the stuff coming out today, remake, or not. But will it take the audience on a journey the same way Battleship or Transformers 3 did? Only time will tell.